Sarah Brokaw

I design to understand others.

There is often a disconnect between the products we design and the people we design them for. I want to change that.

I believe good design demands an intimate understanding of people. A genuine desire to understand how people think, live, and behave grants empathy, which yields positive user experiences. My intent is to continually learn about the world around me and use that knowledge to design better experiences.


I'm an experience designer with an insatiable curiosity.

My favorite part about UX is getting in front of users and learning about their lives, their ambitions, and what makes them cringe. I love seeing how user behavior guides my design decisions. There's just something so gratifying about giving users a voice and encouraging them to play an active role in the design of their product.

Here are a few examples of my most recent work in UX research and design. 



Kindara is a fertility tracking app that inspired my first UX case study. I used data collected through my research and usability testing to redesign the iOS onboarding process, with a focus on empowering new users to take control of their fertility.

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TED-Ed is one of TED's education initiatives, featuring an innovative lesson creation tool. I used data collected through my research and usability testing to reconstruct the process for creating lessons within the web app, with a focus on making global education more accessible.

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My passion for UX stems from my experience with data visualization.

Before I transitioned into the field of UX, I spent a lot of time designing infographics, flowcharts, and reports that relied heavily on my ability to interpret data and tell a story. I've always enjoyed translating complex ideas into digestible, engaging experiences for others.

Here are a few examples of my work in data viz. (Click the thumbnails to see more.)


Actually, my first introduction to data viz emerged from a pretty interesting personal project, Threevolve.



Threevolve details my three-month journey toward self-improvement and served as my first introduction to the magical world of data visualization.

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Prior to UX and data viz, my experience was primarily in visual design. 

Though I have explored a wide range of creative disciplines, I've always maintained a clean, playful design aesthetic. The years I spent working as a graphic designer helped me to become well-versed in design thinking in addition to providing a strong foundation for UI design.

Here are some examples of my visual design work. (Click the thumbnails to see more.)


I believe in being utterly curious, genuinely open-minded, and intentionally transparent. 

I create things to learn about the world around me and record my experiences to better understand what I learn. Though not directly correlated to UX, I believe my personal projects help illustrate how I think and solve problems.

Here are a few of my most recent personal projects.


Nasty Women

Nasty Women juxtaposes the offensive stereotype of women as fragile, naive homemakers with the strong, capable warriors that we are. 1,024 tampons were used to create this piece. Each tampon was meticulously hand-dyed, painted and carefully threaded through pegboard. This piece examines unapologetic power as a product of assumed susceptibility. Though Nasty Women exhibits a palpable feminine voice, this piece also calls to question the pressure we all feel to mask our identity for the satisfaction of others.

More About Nasty Women


Chaibu Studio

My partner, Jake, and I launched Chaibu Studio in May of 2017 with one goal—to create an environment that encourages creative play. We wanted a way to share our zany ideas with likeminded individuals all over the planet. Our Etsy shop features minimal, quirky designs that reflect our minimal, quirky lifestyle.

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If you've made it this far, thanks! 

I sincerely appreciate you taking some time to understand who I am, both as an experience designer and a human. I'm always up for meeting new people and collaborating on interesting projects, so if that's your jam, let a girl know! Otherwise, catch me on the twittersphere. ✌️💕